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 California's Premier Industrial Scale Distributor

Acme Scale Company provides your best source for weighing applications, systems integration, materials testing, scale repair and scale calibration services.
We have aligned ourselves with the highest quality suppliers in the world, including Mettler Toledo, AMETEK Chatillon, Lloyds TCI, Shimadzu, and many other internationally recognized scale manufacturers.
With our partners, we develop solutions for quality control, batch processes and recipe management. Our calibration procedures are part of a genuine quality assurance program which will integrate with your GMP, ISO or other quality programs.


POWERCELL PDX Load Cells            The new Mettler Toledo POWERCELL PDX load cells have predictive diagnostics which constantly monitor your scale, keeping you continuously informed about your scale's performance. Additionally, the load cells connect via a simple network eliminating the need for a junction box.  That's right...NO JUNCTION BOX!!!  Read More

New Mettler Toledo Forklift Scale   The new Mettler Toledo wireless forklift scale will save you time and money making weighing a one step operation. Read More

In Motion Check Weighing Application Ideal for Case Labeling Operations                                           Our In-Motion Check Weighing System utilizes a Mettler Toledo In-Motion Scale and a Tamp and Apply Printer that will label your cases automatically (up to 30 cases per minute). The system collects the weights in order to update inventory levels and production reports.           Read More













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